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For many years, Entercare is a well-known supplier within the Dutch community of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians. Nearly all hospitals and private clinics are working with products introduced by Entercare. Our focus is in the area of ​​products such as: gynaecological furniture, colposcopes, endoscopes, curative and diagnostic equipment, instrumentation, disposables and sterile medical devices.

By listening to our customers and to think along with them, we strive to improve existing procedures, techniques, patient comfort and treatment outcomes.


Within hysteroscopy Entercare offers products like endoscopes, digital visualization systems and a wide range of disposable products such as curettes, catheters and irrigation systems.

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Within the discipline of minimally invasive surgery, Entercare provides a wide range of innovative products. The product range contains laparoscopic instruments, sterile medical devices, endoscopes, disposables and the Filshie Clip, the most effective and safe laparoscopic sterilization method for woman.

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Cervical Dysplasia

Within the focus cervix uteri / gynaecological oncology, Entercare provides a wide range of innovative products for the outpatient clinic. Examples are the brand new LED-colposcope and LETZ / LEEP equipment which is specifically developed for gynaecology.

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Pelvic Floor

Entercare provides a full range of high quality silicone pessaries. In addition, we offer patients suffering from stress incontinence the Liberty System, an effective method for training the pelvic floor muscles.

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In Obstetrics, the time factor can be of crucial importance. For that reason it’s important that rapid, efficient and effective action can be taken in order to ensure safety for mother and child. Entercare offers innovative products that meet this requirement.

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Gyne Office

Entercare specializes in medical practice design and interiors for outpatient gynaecology. Thanks to our complete line of products, we can also manage turnkey projects.

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For urogynaecology, Entercare offers an efficient and cost effective disposable procedure kit for drainage of the bladder.

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In this section you will find products that are difficult to categorize. Because Entercare strives to a clear focus, there will always be an overlap with the concerning medical discipline.

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